If you are reading this then I think you want to know more about me as a person.  There is quite a bit to tell but here is the synopsis.  I am a 45 year old white female with history of ... WAIT WAIT WAIT!  Please forgive me but after 15 years of writing reports as an EMT, it is hard for me to change my writing style.

2005 Fire SchoolI am not a subject and I am talking to you about me the person.  With that being said, I would like to re-introduce myself to you.  My name is Melanie and I am 45 years old.  I am a wife, mother and daughter.  I love the outdoors, fishing, firefighting, and search and rescue work.  I also have a degree in computer programming which is why I consider myself a geek and spend too much time in front of a computer.

My days are filled with taking care of our daughter, updating websites, and trying to keep our house from looking like a tornado hit it.

I have 4 diagnosis that for years have plagued me and held me back from my full potential.  You see I was diagnosed back in 1986 as Borderline Personality Disorder and depression at the age of 14.  The diagnosis of Bipolar II and PTSD came later in life.

I guess you could say my personality is very fun if I am with a group of friends and peers.  If I don't know you then it is not likely that I will speak with you.  I have trust issues but I am working on those.  I am quiet yet loud, gentle yet intense, thoughtful yet selfish, and yes rational and irrational, but I am a work in progress and accept myself.

For me growing up the world was either black or white.  There were no gray areas.  Things fit into all good or all bad categories.  Through hard work, a dedicated therapist, psychiatrist, many patient friends and family members, I am starting to see in color.

Read my story to find out how.