We have managed to make it up to 4th grade and this is where you can see some adaption in me to deal (or not deal) with my home environment. 

I had a teacher in 4th grade that knew nothing about me or my past so I started off with a clean slate.  I hadn't hit her or any other kid in my class yet.  Also, this teacher was interesting and challenged me from day 1.  I remember taking math tests every day not only to see how well we retained the information but how quickly we could do the math sheets also.  I soon applied myself and was usually the first kid to turn in the test and get a perfect score.  The other kids in the classroom saw this as a competition.  The more difficult the test ... the more I applied myself ... and got my attention off of my home life.  I learned that I loved math this year.  So, I pored most of my effort into being a straight A student.

At home things were getting worse.  Mom continued to work 3rd shift and would sleep what little she could during the day.  Dad was just the same jerk he had been since getting out of prison.  He was starting to get jealous of my brother and I and what little attention mom could give us. 

My brother and I caught the bus to school and tried to avoid my dad as much as possible.  I met a friend on the way to the bus stop one morning and we began to talk.  His name was Cole and he lived not too far from us in our neighborhood known as Germantown (Louisville, KY).  We both loved school and he seemed cool enough to hang out with so I did.  We became good friends.  I would go over to his house and be amazed at his family.  They talked to each other, did not hit one another, ate dinner at a table and enjoyed each others company.  At first, I didn't know how to act but being the intellectual kid that I was I adapted pretty quickly.

Cole and I spent our time at his house or running around the neighborhood.  I NEVER invited him to my house.  We would either ride our bikes around the neighborhood, play in the back yard or play video games for hours. Since video games were so new, it was amazing to me how a pixelated square on a screen could represent an air hockey table in your imagination.  This was my first introduction to a computer and video games.  Cole was my best friend.  Then something happened that neither of us could of imagined.  His dad got a promotion and they were moving away.

My best friend was leaving me and next year I had to start middle school. 

Here is the beginning of my journey.